College of Arts and Sciences

Why Study Modern Languages?

Program Objectives

Proficiency in a language in addition to English is an increasingly important tool for a career in business, communications, social services, healthcare, education, or government.

Modern Languages programs focus on the study of language, culture, literature and film within each language group. Students who pursue a major in Spanish, Italian, or French can take advantage of a wide range of courses in the language, culture and literature of Spain, Latin America, Italy, France, and other Francophone countries, respectively.

Modern Languages programs include a Bachelor of Arts in SpanishSpanish Cultural StudiesItalian StudiesFrench Studies, and minors in Spanish, French, Italian, and Linguistics. Also available are courses at the beginning level in German and Russian. Beginning and intermediate courses are offered in Japanese.

Modern Language courses emphasize both language proficiency and cultural understanding. Fluency and accuracy of language are the basis for effective communication. At the same time, students can relate to the cultural aspects of the language they are studying through authentic written and multimedia materials. Classes are taught in the target language, and small-group activities involve students in active learning.

Critical thinking is encouraged from beginning courses through advanced cultural courses. Students who intend to continue a language studied previously (in high school or elsewhere) take a placement test and enroll in the course designated by the Department. The completion of the 101-201 level sequence (or its equivalent) is required for all courses above 201.

National Honor Society Participation

The Department supports chapters of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Spanish Honor Society; Pi Delta Phi, the national French Honor Society; and Gamma Kappa Alpha, the National Italian Honor Society. Students of Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese are involved in the multicultural community at Arcadia University in many ways.