College of Arts and Sciences

IPCR International Experience Opportunities

Annual Cohort Trip

Every year since 2002, IPCR students have had the exciting opportunity to participate in a subsidized trip to a post-conflict state. This week-long cohort trip is part of our Case in Conflict course.

During the week, you’ll meet with scholars, practitioners and local peacebuilders to learn about the conflict and its aftermath. We will engage in critical inquiry: gathering and evaluating information, ideas, and assumptions from multiple perspectives to produce well-reasoned analysis and understanding, and leads to new ideas, applications and questions. The trip also fosters team-building and networking to help you identify potential career aspirations and avenues of professional development.

Travel Purse

Because it is essential for you to engage in field work abroad, you will receive a travel purse to offset the costs of your required global experiences. If you participate in an internship overseas, travel purse funds can be used for international flights, in-country lodging and in-country transportation. You are usually reimbursed by submitting your receipts for these costs.

Global Internship

You may choose to conduct your internship in the U.S. or overseas. Previous internship entities and locations include the following: Heifer International (Sierra Leone), Home for Cooperation (Cyprus), The Peace Center (PA), The Nationalities Service Center (PA), The Carter Center (Washington D.C.), The International Peace and Security Institute (Washington D.C.).