College of Arts and Sciences

Mathematics and Actuarial Science Course Syllabi

MA 095 Pre-Algebra (Math Skills)
MA 100 Elementary/Intermediate Algebra
MA 110 Pre-Calculus Mathematics
MA 117 Mathematical Concepts I
MA 118 Mathematical Concepts II
MA 141 Elementary Statistics (with MA 141L Lab)
MA 143 Business Mathematics
MA 201 Calculus I    
MA 202 Calculus II    
MA 203 Calculus III    
MA 221 Linear Algebra    
MA 225 Writing Mathematics: A Transition to Higher Mathematics    
MA 230 Discrete Mathematics
MA 242 Intermediate Statistics
MA 302 Introduction to Analysis    
MA 315 Theory of Computation
MA 322 Abstract Algebra I    
MA 330 Graph Theory & Combinatorics
MA 331 Modern College Geometry
MA 332 Topics in Geometry
MA 341 Probability      
MA 342 Mathematical Statistics I  
MA 343 Mathematical Statistics II  
MA 344 Statistics for Risk Modeling  
MA 352 Differential Equations
MA 356 Numerical Analysis
MA 361 Financial Mathematics I  
MA 362 Financial Mathematics II  
MA 386 Short Term Actuarial Mathematics (STAM)
MA 388 Actuarial Seminar  
MA 490 Mathematics Capstone    
Actuarial Science, B.S.
Mathematics, B.A.
Mathematics, B.S.
For those pursuing a B.A. in Mathematics, students must choose two of the following courses