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Computer Science and Mathematics

Computer Science and Mathematics

We offer programs in Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Computing Technology, Mathematics, Bioinformatics minor, and combined programs in Engineering in cooperation with the University of Pittsburgh and Washington University in St. Louis.

Financial and insurance risk assessment; SAS and R programming; data mining; preparation for exams: P, FM, STAM, SRM [major]

Actuarial Science

Algorithms, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analytics / data mining, and mobile / VR app development [major, minor]

Computer Science

Problem-solving skills, theoretical insight, mathematics education, abstract and linear algebra, graph theory, probability and statistics [major, minor]


Web and graphics design and development, digital imaging, 3D printing, studio art [major]

Computing Technology

Genomics data analysis (galaxy, blast, and python programming); a fusion of biology, statistics, and computer science [minor]


Discover patterns, relationships and insights, and inform decisions [major, minor]

Data Science and Analytics

Combined (3+2) Engineering Program in affiliation with the University of Pittsburgh and Washington University in St. Louis or combined program (2+1+1+1) at Dartmouth University [dual-degree program]


Statistical analysis: making sense of Big Data [minor]


Study Computer Science and Math Abroad

You have a unique opportunity to study computer science and mathematics abroad via Arcadia's global network. Complete an internship, experience a different culture, taste delicious food and take your life for a spin as it opens new horizons and opportunities. Not only is tuition the same as in Glenside, but you can take your scholarships with you.

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