Arcadia Alumni

Alumni Association Leadership

Advisory Council


  • President: Kerry Ann Costello Leraris '92, '94MEd (Term: 2018-2021)
  • Vice President: Maya Basu Johnson '97, '05M (Term: 2020-2023)
  • Executive Administrator: Christina Kahmar McGinley '10M (Term: 2019-2022)


  • Celina Gonzalez Alexander '04 (Term: 2018-2021)
  • Stacey Downey '88 (Term: 2020-2023)
  • Corinne Quinn '05MPH (Term: 2019-2022)

Committee Chairs

  • Gaynelle Fleming '96M, chair, Awards and Honors Committee
  • Lauren Trager '07, chair, Event Outreach Committee
  • David Euwings '06, chair, Nominations Committee
  • Kenneth Samen '92, chair, Professional Development and Mentorship Committee
  • Matt Ross '16, chair, Recruitment Committee
  • Dipesh Chauhan '97, '01M, chair, Retention Committee
  • Christina McGinley '10M, chair, Strategic Planning Committee
  • Meg Patten '06, chair, Volunteer Talent Development Committee

Committee Descriptions

Awards and Honors Committee will help raise the visibility of alumni, identify and vet potential awardees and honorees, plan and execute an annual awards process, and seek involvement as future volunteers. These awards and honors should largely seek to honor alumni but may include students and others whose contributions meet the award criteria. 

Event Outreach Committee will raise awareness and boost attendance for key events, activating AUAA to become more actively engaged at signature events (Celebrate! The Joy of Giving, the University’s annual scholarship dinner, an annual Volunteer Awards event, a recognition vehicle to showcase and celebrate the important work of volunteers, and UKnightedTuesday, where global event hosts, ambassadors, matching gift or giving challenge recruiters, and fundraising captains play a strategic and important role in successful outcomes). Events should be multifaceted, dynamic, opportunities for networking, and aligned with overarching goals.

Professional Development and Mentorship Committee will create student clusters for alumni-led mentoring and professional development sessions that culminate in resumé workshops, practice interviews, readiness coaching and job counsel. Through a robust network created with support from the Volunteer Talent Development Committee and the Arcadia Alumni Business Network as well as a partnership with the Office of Career Education, Arcadia alumni will seek to develop strong student ties to alumni networks before graduation and develop job readiness skills through internships. 

Recruitment Committee will work to support increasing the University’s yield through a series of hosted events, digital engagement, personal interviews, and other activities, designed to positively influence prospective student decision making. Guided by the goals set by the Office of Enrollment Management, successful outcomes will be reflected when Arcadia meets recruitment targets. This is a pillar focused committee.

Retention Committee will work to help maintain enrollment levels through the development of a demonstrated culture of alumni caring, providing avenues for meaningful student-alumni interactions that are designed in partnership and collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs. Creating meaningful outlets for students and helping to create equitable student experiences, the work will support the efforts of the Recent Graduate Trustees to increase emergency student funding, reduce food insecurity by raising awareness for Knights for Nutrition, elevating cultural competence for the benefit of key student groups, and serving as positive agents in university traditions to enhance the overall student experience.

Volunteer Talent Development Committee will build our bench strength and work to create a robust pipeline of alumni to be engaged across many facets of AUAA, develop a structure for volunteer recognition and appreciation, support, and monitor onboarding and orientation, training, evaluation of service, dismissal, and off-boarding or end-of-service for volunteer leadership and supportive roles. This committee will help to determine likely synergies across committees.

Philanthropy Committee will work in partnership with University Advancement to support the education of alumni populations on the compound power of giving. Leading by example, committee members will not only share their own motivation for giving but also work to inspire others to similar action with a focus on raising the alumni participation rate of giving. Committee members can work to encourage graduating seniors to work together to represent their class philanthropically, reinvigorate reunion focused support, acknowledge and celebrate gifts from alumni, focus attention on stewardship, encourage feelings of pride for donor support, and provide key leadership for UKnightedTuesday efforts.

Affinity Group Leadership

  • Arcadia Alumni Business Network: Nathan Hayward'06, '09MBA
  • Black Alumni Association: Aliyah Abraham '17
  • Hispanic/Latinx Alumni Association: Karen Mejia Fries '06
  • Physical Therapy Alumni Association: Nicole Dobrin '07DPT

Class Representatives

  • Class of 1954: Loretta Parker Liljestrand '54
  • Class of 1955: Joan Peppelman Clougherty '55
  • Class of 1960: Elizabeth Holton Weiss '60
  • Class of 1963: Diane Lobel Actman '63
  • Class of 1968 & Montgomery-Bucks Scholarship Club: Babette Senker Krug '68, '81M
  • Class of 1969: Susan Rodgers Fleming '69, '77MEd
  • Class of 1970: Sandra McCall '70
  • Class of 1971: Susan Saxer '71
  • Class of 1972: Arlene Johnston '72
  • Class of 1973: Monique Miller '73
  • Class of 1976: Karen Schwartz Scheiner '76
  • Class of 1978: Ellen August-Templeton '78, '85M
  • Class of 1980: Nancy McSherry-Collins '80
  • Class of 1983: Barbara Reppert Million '83
  • Class of 1984: David L. Eatough '84
  • Class of 1990: Linda Vandegrift '90, '07MEd
  • Class of 1991: Niki Dienstman Weiss '91
  • Class of 1992: Kenneth Samen '92
  • Class of 1993: Frank Daiutolo, III '93
  • Class of 1996: Stacy Soricelli '96, '04M
  • Class of 1997: Maya Basu Johnson '97
  • Class of 2000: Kathleen O'Connor O'Brien '00
  • Class of 2001: Angela Davis Stokes '01
  • Class of 2003: Jenna Gavaletz '03
  • Class of 2007: Katie Duncan '07
  • Class of 2008: Caitlin Rooney Meeker '08, '10MPH
  • Class of 2010: Floriana Webb '10
  • Class of 2012: Margaret Lyons '12
  • Class of 2013: Claire Wolfinger Lanham '13
  • Class of 2014: Emily Young '14