Summer Sessions

Summer sessions at Arcadia offer the opportunity to catch up on classes, earn credits, and conduct research. Arcadia summer sessions provide quality academic experiences both in-person and online, these flexible programs will enhance your path to success.

2022 Course Offerings

Summer 2022 courses will fill quickly. You don’t have to apply for admission to take summer classes—current, returning, and visiting students are welcome to enroll.

Expanding Your Creative Toolbox: Digital Fabrication Summer Intensive

Whether you currently teach digital fabrication, hope to do so in the future, or simply want to explore the creative process of working in new technologies, this three-week intensive course will expand your creative toolbox. Join Arcadia's Art and Design program from July 12 to 30 to explore your creative process while gaining knowledge in Project-Based Learning and Maker Education. Qualifies for individuals seeking graduate course credits and/or Act 48 through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Summer 2022 Schedule

Session 01 - Entire Summer Date(s)
Courses in Session 01 typically span the entire summer. Please verify each course's specific start and end dates. May 23  – Aug. 19 
(No class May 28 - 30, Jul. 3 - 5)
Session 02 - First Half of Summer (previously identified as 'Summer I')
Undergraduate Session May 23  – Jun. 29  
(No class May 28 - 30)
Undergraduate Science (BI, CH, ID, PH) May 31 – Jun. 30
Graduate Session May 23 – Jun. 29 
(No class May 28 - 30)
Session 03 - Second Half of Summer (previously identified as 'Summer II')
Undergraduate Session  Jul. 5 – Aug. 10
Undergraduate Science (BI, CH, ID, PH)  Jul. 5 – Aug. 4
Graduate Session  Jul. 5 – Aug. 10
Session 04 - Intensive Programming (previously identified as 'Summer III')
Graduate Session Aug. 1 – Aug. 19
Accelerated Online Summer Programming
First half of summer May 23 – Jul. 8  
(No class May 28 - 30, Jul. 2 - 4)
Second half of summer Jul. 11 – Aug. 24

Summer Housing in Oak Summit

Summer Housing is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. The Online Housing Portal will be open for Summer Housing applications starting in April. Students must adhere to the University Code of Conduct and housing schedules set by Campus Life Housing. Students may need to vacate housing or move to transitional housing upon request. These dates and processes will be advertised well in advance. Questions about summer housing can be directed to

Summer Resources


Undergraduate and graduate students (current and visiting) can take up to 9 credits without having to apply to a program. Academically talented high school students can also take one course per semester if the course is taken for high school credit. 

Note: Some courses have prerequisites.

Financial Aid

Provided you’re taking at least six credits over the course of summer sessions, and are matriculating in an Arcadia program, you are eligible for federal and state financial aid (as an undergraduate student) or for Federal Direct Stafford Loans, Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans, and private, alternative student loans (as a graduate student).


Send a request to withdraw to the Registrar’s Office at Undergraduates who withdraw before the end of the first week of class are entitled to a 50% tuition refund. No refunds will be given after.

Graduate students enrolled in Summer Session I will receive a 50% refund if they withdraw within the first week of class. For Summer II, III, and workshops, the refund allowed is 50% before the third class meeting.

Transfer Student Summer Discount

Students who apply to transfer to Arcadia will receive 50% discount on summer credits.


“Taking a course (or two) over the summer—without the pressure of three or four other courses at the same time—can help you make up credits or get ahead. Summer is a great time to focus on a particularly difficult subject and get a lot of personal attention from the instructor. There are quite a few online offerings, which gives you the flexibility to be pretty much anywhere in the world, doing just about anything, and still complete a course.”

- Dr. Lisa Holderman, Associate Professor and Chair of Media and Communication

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For more information on summer courses, contact your adviser or refer to the program page.

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