University Catalogs

About the University's Academic Catalogs

Arcadia University's Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs are housed within the Office of Academic Affairs and the Registrar. These online catalogs serve as a place to research an official archive of all academic programs, courses, and policies. Each catalog serves as the criteria for degree completion based on matriculation year. 

You will find detailed information on:

  • Schools and Colleges, their departments, and their faculty
  • Degree and non-degree programs and their requirements
  • Courses offered with detailed requirements
  • Academic policies including registration and attendance

Past Catalogs

Course Descriptions

A searchable course description database containing current Arcadia University undergraduate and graduate course offerings

While every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of information contained in the University Catalogs, Arcadia University reserves the freedom to change, without notice, degree requirements, curriculum, courses, teaching personnel, rules, regulations, tuition, fees, and any other information published herein. Information in these publications is intended to serve as an announcement only and is not a contract between the student and Arcadia University. Arcadia University reserves the right to interpret and apply the provisions of these catalogs.

The Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs of Arcadia University, at the time of their publication, contain the most recent information about the programs offered and the policies and procedures governing them. However, due to the dynamic quality of the University community, changes are bound to occur in the months preceding the next revision. The University, therefore, reserves the right to change without notice any information contained in the catalogs.