Graduate Registration Instructions

Registration for Part-time Attendance Progams

Graduate students registering for programs that do not require full-time attendance have two registration options depending on status and dates of registration. Graduate students do not need adviser approval and thus take personal responsibility for course selection and degree completion (students may contact advisers for help in course planning). The Office of Student Accounts will notify students through Arcadia email when their tuition eBill may be viewed ( following registration; students on financial holds are not permitted to register. 

Education Courses Requiring Clearances

All students registering for graduate Education courses must submit required clearances to the School of Education prior to the first day of class*. Students who do not are required to drop the course prior to the end of drop/add period.

Graduate courses exempt from clearance requirements are: ED501, ED504, ED504B, ED505B, ED506, ED507, ED509, ED510, ED510B.

* Clearances are due by July 1 and renewed annually for those who are enrolled in any of the following programs: master's degree; certification preparation program; graduate certificate program.

Priority Registration Schedule

For Fall 2022

On or after Monday, March 28, 2022 beginning 8:30 a.m.: Matriculated and non-matriculated students may register using Self-Service.

Course Changes

Fall 2022 course changes after registration may be made immediately, or during August 29 - September 12. Add and Drop forms for this purpose may be obtained online. Students may withdraw from a class (with a grade of W) between September 13 and November 17, 2022 (using Withdraw from Course form). After November 17, 2022 withdrawal from class requires approval from the Dean of the School or College (by petition) and the student is graded WP or WF.

Course inactivity, non-attendance, or failure to make or complete payment does not constitute a course drop or withdrawal. Students remain financially responsible for a course registration unless the student notifies the Registrar's Office in writing to drop or withdraw from the course. Fees are assessed according to the current refund policy. Neglecting to drop or withdraw officially will result in a failing grade on the transcript. 

For Non-traditional and Summer Courses

Summer 2022 opened for registration beginning February 14, 2022. Registration for each session ends on the day the session begins.

Course Changes

Students in 7-week classes may drop prior to the start of class. Once class begins, students may withdraw (not drop) and/or add classes during the first week of class. Withdrawal with a grade of W may occur as late as the fourth week of class, and withdrawal from class after the fourth week requires approval from the Dean of the School or College (by petition) and the student is graded WP or WF. Students may not withdraw after a course ends.  

Students in 1-week intensive classes and institute courses may only drop or add prior to the start of the course. 

How to Register

Self-Service Web Registration

Current graduate students register for programs that do not require full-time attendance using the Self-Service system. Please note: Registration for students eligible to use Self-Service begins at the start of Priority Registration and continues until about a week before classes begin. 

How to Use Self-Service

Visiting, Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Students

If you are new to Arcadia and would like to take Education courses as a visiting, non-degree seeking student, please contact the School of Education at 215-572-2938. If you would like to take courses in any other Part-Time graduate program, please contact Enrollment Management at 215-572-2910. Registration is limited to three graduate courses. Registration in full-time program courses is not permitted.

Full or Part-time Degree Seeking Graduate Students

If you have been formally accepted to Arcadia as a graduate student, please schedule an appointment with your academic adviser. Contact information for your academic adviser can be found in your acceptance letter.

Other Options

E-mail Registration and Form Registration

E-mail Registration and Form Registration are not available. Please email should you experience difficulties accessing Self-Service, and please include a brief description of the nature of the access issue.

Important Notes

  • Students should verify tuition and fees by visiting the Financial Aid page reporting the current cost of attendance.
  • Students who schedule an independent study must complete the the appropropiate form. The completed form with the required signatures/approvals must be imaged along with any associated registration materials to .
  • Registration for full (closed) courses is not currently supported by Self-Service. Students using Self-Service are advised to register for all open courses and save their schedule, and return to the scheduling process to identify additional courses that are full (closed). Then, students must send an email to to request waitlist status in a course by indicating the semester, course and section of the desired full (closed) course. The Registrar's Office will add students to the waitlist queue. 
  • Students with disabilities who require accommodations should contact Disability Support Services
  • Current students are encouraged to view grades, course schedules, classroom assignments using Self-Service.