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The Master of Arts in English affords students the flexibility to tailor their course of study to meet their individual wishes and professional goals. This highly versatile program offers courses in three areas of emphasis—literary studies, cultural studies, and professional and academic writing.  The English MA has a pathway for students to complete the program remotely.  We offer on-line asynchronous courses, on-line synchronous courses, and in-person courses with the opportunity for remote students to attend through Zoom.

The program enables students to pursue a variety of goals. One could prepare for or advance in a career in instruction; embark on a professional career as a writer; pursue an advanced degree in literary study; be employed in the non-profit sector; or work in the fields of publishing, editing, and technical or professional writing, for example. The program stresses effective writing in a broad array of genres, critical thinking, and interpretive skills, even as it fosters the growth of initiative and self-confidence—qualities much in demand in today's professional world. Smaller classes and the dedicated attention of graduate faculty ensure a nurturing environment for personal growth.