College of Arts and Sciences


About Our English Programs

Arcadia’s English major is a unique combination of three strengths:

  • The depth and breadth of a classic literary curriculum
  • Unparalleled study abroad opportunities at some of the top universities around the world, and 
  • The expertise of the English Department that pioneered Writing Across the Curriculum in the 1970s—the nation-wide movement to make writing a high priority in all classrooms. 
Focus on Literature or Creative Writing

At Arcadia, you can choose the English literature major or the English major with a Concentration in Creative Writing. All courses stress critical thinking and problem solving as essential aspects of the composing and interpreting process. Our small class size encourages lively class discussions and frequent peer critiques.


As an English major, you will do an off-campus Career Internship, well-supported by Arcadia’s close proximity to Philadelphia. These internships often lead to full-time employment after graduation. *See Careers tab on this page for more information.

Beyond the Classroom

Outside the classroom, you can write for Arcadia’s literary magazine, Quiddity, which publishes creative writing (and other artistic work) by students on campus. Or for The Compass an online journal that publishes a range of student writing. To support the arts at Arcadia, the English Department brings to campus each year several successful poets, fiction writers and creative non-fiction writers, some of whom are alumni/ae of Beaver/Arcadia. Students have the opportunity to work with these writers in master classes.  

Specialized Courses

In addition to interpretive and creative writing courses, the English curriculum includes several specialized professional writing courses: Business Writing, Journalism, Technical Writing, Writing for the Health Industry, Grant Writing for Non-Profits, Writing for Magazines, and others.


The Department gives three awards for student achievement:

  • The Doris Fenton Award for excellence in English by a senior was established in honor of the late Dr. Doris Fenton, former Professor of English.
  • The Excellence in Creative Writing Award recognizes superior achievement by a junior or senior English major enrolled in the Creative Writing Concentration.
  • The William Bracy Award for Distinction in Shakespeare Studies is presented to a graduating senior in honor of Dr. William Bracy, who inspired many students with his relentless enthusiasm for the bard.

Our Faculty

The English faculty are a rich mix of experienced and award-winning educators, active scholars, and published authors.


Sigma Tau Delta (Alpha Kappa Eta Chapter)

Sigma Tau Delta is an international organization whose stated central purpose is to confer distinction on students who have done excellent work in English studies.

Membership is by invitation. At Arcadia, eligible students major or minor in English, have completed at least three semesters of college course work (at Arcadia), have completed a minimum of twelve credits in the major, with at least a 3.0 (or equivalent) GPA both in English courses and overall, and are currently enrolled.

For more information, please contact Dr. Matthew Heitzman.