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Earn a B.A. or a B.S. in Chemistry

Arcadia University's Chemistry programs provide a working knowledge of the concepts that underlie chemical and physical phenomena. Each course develops the ability to solve real scientific problems quantitatively using structural models, mechanisms and the integrated application of physicochemical principles. Technological and cultural scientific problems—such as environmental pollution, energy resources and conservation of natural resources—are explored, along with material in astronomy, geology, chemistry and physics. 

The chemistry program offers two degree options: the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science.

B.A. in Chemistry

The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry features three concentrations.

  • The Chemical Professions Concentration prepares students for entry-level positions in chemistry, chemical allied professions such as information science, or secondary education. This concentration is most often chosen by students in the combined Engineering program who elect a chemistry major. 
  • The Health Professions Concentration prepares students for medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and veterinary graduate programs or paramedical professions.
  • The Forensic Science Concentration is designed for students who intend to pursue graduate study in Forensic Science, either at Arcadia or elsewhere.

B.S. in Chemistry

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry consists of core courses in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics, and offers a concentration in Biochemistry. The program prepares students for graduate work in chemistry, forensic science or chemical allied sciences, for professional employment in industrial chemical research and development, for professional medical programs, and for secondary and post-secondary teaching.

  • Students who complete this program are certified by the American Chemical Society as having met that society’s high standards for an undergraduate degree in chemistry.
  • The Biochemistry Concentration is tailored for students preparing for advanced training in the health professions, this program is often chosen by pre-medical students.