Pursuing a Major

Choose from Over 65 Major Fields of Study

Arcadia students choose from among over 65 major fields of study in the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, and business, including the Majors Abroad program where students spend a full academic year studying in a foreign country.

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No matter which major you choose, you’ll work with Arcadia’s acclaimed teaching faculty. And with a low student-faculty ratio of 13:1, your learning will take place in small-class environments where you’ll get to know your professors, and they’ll get to know you, too. When you arrive at Arcadia, academic advisers, faculty advisers and Career Education all are available to help you choose your major and career path.

The heart of the major experience is developing expertise in a field of study in which you are passionately interested. You and your adviser—who is a faculty member from your major department—work together to design an academic path tailored to your enthusiasms. That then takes you from foundation-building introductory courses all the way to the Senior Capstone Project.

In addition, your major is the primary pathway through the rest of Arcadia’s Undergraduate Curriculum. Courses you take in your chosen major also fulfill some of the required Integrative Learning Experiences, Areas of Inquiry, and Intellectual Practices, so your major plan provides a framework for those educational goals you will achieve in courses outside your major.