Integrative Learning Experiences

Make Connections

Integrative learning experiences are about joining the different aspects of your education, bringing together multiple disciplines as well as academic and experiential learning.

First-Year Seminar

A small, interactive class where you explore special topics that interest you. More.


A two-credit, spring semester course for first-year and new transfer students at Arcadia University, offering a weeklong international experience over spring break. *Although Preview is an example of integrative learning, participation in Preview does not fulfill the Integrative Learning requirement. More.

First-Year Study Abroad Experience

A defining experience at Arcadia, where you make the world our classroom and enjoy a global campus community your first year at Arcadia. More.

Global Connections Experience and Reflection

A sustained cross-cultural experience is part of our curriculum where you will meet people and learn about a society different from that in which you have lived previously, whether at home or abroad. More.

University Seminar

An opportunity for integrative learning at Arcadia, designed to make intellectual connections among academic disciplines and between scholarly ideas and the world beyond the classroom. More.

Senior Capstone Project

An opportunity for you to bring four years of coursework and academic and personal experiences together by engaging in an extended project in your major. More.