Areas of Inquiry

Deepen Your Knowledge

Many of our graduates say their well-rounded education expanded how they think and what they enjoy in life. That's how a liberal arts education works, by learning multiple ways of viewing the world and finding your role in it.

Natural and Physical World

Learn about and participate in answering questions about the natural and physical world. This includes applying observation and experimentation based on physical events that are predictable and quantifiable. These courses explore both the process and outcome of scientific inquiries.

Creative Expressions

Participate in the creative process through the expression and application of original ideas and imagination. These project-based courses—typically in the fields of fine arts, performing arts, and creative writing—explore and develop ideas by means of production, review, revision and presentation.

Self and Society

Explore the multiple forces that create, shape and sustain the development of self-identity, and examine how individuals and groups live together, form societies, and distribute resources and power. You'll focus on understanding the mechanisms and processes that shape who we are and what we can become and analyze how and why societies and social institutions function, evolve, and include and exclude.

Cultural Legacies

Study human experience and expression through the exploration of the history and interpretation of past cultures and cultural texts. By examining aspects of past cultures such as their politics, religions, ethical systems, and literary and artistic production, students engage in asking and answering questions about understanding the past.