Sixth Week Evaluations

Sixth Week Evaluations: Feedback on Your Performance


The faculty members who are teaching your courses submit Sixth Week Evaluations. These evaluations are intended to give you a sense of where you stand academically in your courses. Faculty submit Sixth Week evaluations in October each fall semester and in February each spring semester.

This is a perfect time for you to get a sense of how you are doing from your instructors’ perspective. It is very important to do this now, before more of the semester passes by.

The evaluations may or may not include a grade range, depending on whether your instructors believe they have enough information to assign an estimated grade. The evaluations will have positive comments where your instructors feel it is appropriate as well as suggested areas for improvement, if that seems appropriate.

Please contact your adviser and make an appointment to discuss your evaluations. This is a good opportunity to check in with your adviser to talk about how things are going for you at Arcadia University, and to ask questions.

Instructions for Accessing Evaluations

You can access your evaluations by logging into MyArcadia.

  • Click the Blackboard link, which appears towards the top left under “Campus Tools”.
  • When Blackboard opens, the top of the right window should have a link called “Go to StarFish”.
  • If this is your first time entering StarFish, a welcome page will appear. At the bottom of the welcome page, click "Close".
  • Your Sixth Week Evaluations will be on the left side of the page under “My Success Plan”.
  • Students who are on a grade hold can view their Sixth Week evaluations.

Starfish works on the updated version of all common browsers. If it does not work on your computer you have several options:

  • Update your browser.
  • If you click on the “StarFish” link in Blackboard and nothing happens, then right-click the link and select “Open link in new tab.” StarFish should open.
  • Use one of the public computers in the library or a computer lab.