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Tips for Faculty

Recommend students to use the Writing Center for your FIRST paper or written assignment.

Students who use the Writing Center early in the semester are more likely to recognize that the Writing Center can help them at all stages of their writing process, not just with revision and editing. As such, students encouraged by faculty to use the Writing Center early in the semester are also more likely to return for follow-up visits later in the writing process.

Schedule a field trip to the Writing Center early in the semester for your classes.

While you can request visit from a consultant to your class to introduce or remind your students about the Writing Center, field trips (during which your class as a group visits the Writing Center itself) tend be more effective. Field trips to the Writing Center take only 15 minutes, and your students will get to see the space, meet the consultants and register for accounts with the Writing Center. Instructors that schedule field trips often see more of their students using the Writing Center, and more of those students reporting positive and productive experiences.

To schedule a field trip or information session for your class, fill out our request form here.

Recommend students to use the Writing Center for more than just grammar.

While the Writing Center will work with students on grammar, we also provide an alternate space for students in your class to think through complex ideas and arguments. Writing Center sessions are booked for an entire hour to allow students the time for sustained critical thinking and conversation around their writing and ideas. If students in your classes are having difficulty narrowing, defining, clarifying or supporting arguments or claims, consider referring them to the Writing Center for help with these concerns, as well. 

Recommend something specific for students to work on in the Writing Center. 

Many faculty encourage their students to use the Writing Center, but the faculty who report the most effective results for their students often ask that students work on something specific in their writing. If you, as a faculty member, can identify one or a small set of specific concerns for the student, the student is both far more likely to use the Writing Center and more likely to develop a direction for revision in the consultation.