A Message from Our Honors Program Director

How We Create Community in the Honors Program at Arcadia

Helene S. Klein

Assistant Dean for Honors & Accelerated Programs

Arcadia University is a special place. 

It is a place where students feel part of a community. It is a place where students go beyond what they might have thought themselves capable of just a year or two before, producing research, creating lasting traditions and community engagement for the entire campus, innovating new approaches to problems, truly becoming professionals in their discipline and erasing artificial boundaries around what they thought they were capable of. This is even more true in the community within that community: The Honors Program. 

Students in this program thrive! Each Honors Student is embraced for their individualism. Each one has a unique blend of strengths that are to be nourished. 

Truly—opportunities and growth are abundant! In this program, students are encouraged to try new things, but to also be true to their values and priorities. They are asked to really examine who they are, what they love, what motivates them, what they value and then use that knowledge to flourish and helps others to do the same. In a world where people not only change jobs but also careers often, we believe in enabling students to develop the skills that will make it possible for them to be successful in any career, and outside of the office environment. Those skills are empathy, shared vision, communication, motivation, identifying values, networking and using resources, innovation, problem solving and teamwork. 

Believing in the value of a team that cares about one another, the Honors Program strives to create a place where students feel welcomed, engaged, valued, and encouraged to bring their ideas to the table. As an Honors Student at Arcadia, you will create new and lasting change while developing deep and meaningful relationships with faculty, staff, and your peers. 

The Honors Program is a home within your larger home at Arcadia.