Honors Program: Signature Leadership Opportunities

Collaboration and Team Building

In and out of the classroom, Honors Students are in charge (with a large safety net -- their professors, mentors, and each other).  Honors classes are designed so that students have to take ownership of outcomes, collaborate, create a shared vision, have empathy with others, use resources wisely and problem solve strategically.  In other words - they exert their considerable strengths to create positive outcomes. Every experience is designed so that students own their strengths and are poised to make immediate impacts in their professional spaces.  

Honors Council Leadership

Our dynamic council is lead by 3-4 student presidents. These students work directly with the program director to strategize about how to meet students' needs and what program changes will allow for optimal growth, community building, and serve the most students' needs.  These students mentor the students that serve in various other leadership capacities on the council.

Community!  Building community is important, not only on our campus and in our program, but everywhere.  Students in our program are given the opportunity to be our first-tier community builders by taking on the role of peer mentor. In this role they mentor first years and help them assimilate into the wider community.  Our program has four houses (ala Harry Potter), and mentors (some denoted as House Captains) run our fall retreat, design house meetings and events, and provide one-on-one mentorship with their first year cohorts. All students are encouraged to stay part of their Honors house and help foster the supportive community that Arcadia Honors is known for.

Engagement breads happy students.  Our student are given opportunities to take the lead in creating and implementing events and programming for Honors Students and the campus.  

Honors Student Internships

The Compass

For the online scholarly journal The Compass, Honors Students serve as editors, layout, and business personnel. They meet with faculty and staff to publish a scholarly journal that takes submissions from around the globe.

The College Access Program (CAMP)

After being trained as mentors at Arcadia, Honors Students develop programming which is implemented weekly at a local high school in order to improve students' study skills, ability to self-advocate, and preparedness for future academic and professional choices. 

Honors Peer Mentor in First Year Classes

Signature Professional Opportunities

Pioneer Series

Students will have special opportunities to attend events and workshops with our Pioneer and can apply for small group meetings with our Pioneer.  Morever, students plan this high profile event, market it, serve as the panel interviewers, etc.

Relationship Building

Students can engage in online chats with alumni to expand their knowledge and connections.

How to Market Your Honors Experience

Students are encouraged to attend this workshop series highlighting the resume-building potential of Arcadia's Honors Program. 

Honors Projections

Students present their Honors projects (see brochure for latest Honors Projections) - semester long projects outside their majors (our Honors students have a wide array of capabilities outside their major.  They are not one thing, but anything they want to be.

Backpack to Briefcases

Write for a professional blog to gain portfolio material and experience. 

Adulting 101

Students create videos for their peers providing "How to" advice for how to handle many adult requirements (finances, laundry, etc.)

Alumni/Student Mentor Program

Through this program, Honors Students are paired with an alumni mentor after an initial meet and greet. This person is their formal mentor (albeit, all the mentors are available as a network for the students). Formal and informal get togethers are planned for members of this group.

Local and National Honors Conferences

We encourage Honors Students to present at our local Honors conference, which takes place every March. Arcadia’s Honors Students have a very large presence at this conference. Arcadia’s Honors Students have been repeatedly accepted in high numbers to this competitive conference held in different locations around the country. 

Signature Honors Program Initiatives

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Our students organize and implement a number of events each year. Many of them are annual events that have become a part of our Honors Program tradition.  Each event was instigated by an Honors Student for the campus.  Students take on the leadership over design and implementation of each of these complex events.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Our biggest event of the year. Each fall semester, Honors Students participate in an annual production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, with a live shadow cast. Over 300 students and community members attend this fun and longstanding Halloween tradition. Honors Student involvement includes:

  • Auditioning/acting in the live shadow cast.
  • Stage direction and organizing props.
  • Handling the marketing and business for the production.
Murder Mystery Dinner in the Castle

Students prepare and perform an interactive murder mystery dinner party experience for all “invited” guests. The experience includes theater production, dinner, marketing and stage management.

The Swarm

The first formal event of the year to which the entire program is invited.  We welcome our new students and look forward to the year ahead.


The end of the year celebration showcasing the achievements of our seniors.

Honors Retreat

First year Honors Students are heavily encouraged to attend this half day retreat where we have fun, team build, and showcase the nature and character of our program.

Dead Paper Society

Last event of the year, where we burn our papers and use the heat of the ash to roast s’mores.

Senior Prom for Senior Citizens

Our biggest philanthropic event of the year.  Close to 100 seniors from our nearby community are invited to a themed prom-like event.  Students partner with nearby residential communities, design a theme, create the decorations, make the food and entertain their guests in a memorable evening.

Other Events and Activities Include
  • Arcadia's Next Great Baker
  • Celebrating Cultures
  • Community Service Events
  • Ethnic Dinners
  • Leadership Mentoring Panels
  • Leadership Networking Panels
  • Excursions to cultural destinations in Philadelphia