English Language Support Services

About English Language Support Services

English Language Support Services are located within the Division of Civic and Global Engagement, 6 Royal Ave. Assistance is available by appointment. Instructors and advisers are encouraged to refer students for whom English fluency is an obstacle to clear written or oral communication. Faculty workshops and consultations are also available.

The Writing Center also provides help from ESL Specialists, graduate student peer consultants who have received instruction in working with non-native speakers.


Course for Non-native Speakers of English

EN103.1 English for International Students 

This class for first semester undergraduates is an introduction to academic writing in English. Particular emphasis is placed on documentation and citation of source material, cultural differences in rhetoric and argumentation, and preserving an authentic voice when writing in a second language. Assignment to the class is based on results of the university’s writing placement test. Upon successful completion of the course, students will enroll in EN101, Thought and Expression I.