How to Register with Disability Support Services

Accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis. Students should adhere to the following steps in order to receive services through Disabilities Support Service (DSS).

  • Student must self-identify with DSS.
    Students should complete the Disability Support Services Identification Form.
  • Schedule an Assessment Meeting with the Disability Services Coordinator or the Disability Services Director.
    This interview is critical to understanding the student’s needs. Students should be prepared to discuss their disability and how it impacts his/her ability to learn or participate in another major life activity.
  • Submit documentation supporting requested accommodations based on the disability. More information on documentation.

After the student has completed the registration process with DSS, we will prepare memos notifying faculty and appropriate staff of the accommodations. Please note that students do not have to submit new documentation every semester. It is the student's responsibility to speak with their instructors about particular needs and to make the arrangements to receive them. If professors have questions, they may contact the Office of Academic Development for clarification. In order to continue to receive accommodations, students must meet with DSS before each semester that they are enrolled at the university.

Students who will require accommodations for placement inventories should contact Disability Support Services at least one week before the date they plan to attend Summer Orientation. Contact our office by phone at 215-572-4033 or by e-mail at