Disability Services and Accommodations

The Office of Academic Development provides services and coordinates academic accommodations for students with disabilities. Students who wish to receive accommodations from the university due to a disability must meet with Disability Support Services (DSS) in the Office of Academic Development at Knight Hall. In order to receive accommodations, students must meet with DSS before each semester that they are enrolled at the university. Students with disabilities are accommodated on an individual basis to best meet their particular needs. We will discuss reasonable and appropriate accommodations with students and assist them with arranging those accommodations. All discussion between our staff and students is strictly confidential. Students are not required to reveal a disability unless they will need accommodations. Please see below policies regarding common accommodation requests.  

For accommodation requests occurring outside of the classroom, please submit the below request form, preferably two weeks before the event. This request form is to be used for campus events, class field trips, and other university-sponsored off-campus trips.

Non-Classroom Accommodation Request

Academic Adjustments and Accommodations

The University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities. To be eligible to receive accommodations, a student with a medical, physical or sensory disability, learning disability, psychological or psychiatric disability, or ADHD must disclose his/her disability to a Disability Support Services staff member.

While no specialized curriculum or programming is offered, Arcadia can provide the following typical academic adjustments and accommodations. Accommodations are individualized as they are based upon each student’s needs. 

The list of possible accommodations and/or adjustments includes the following:

Requests for Interpreters

An American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter may be requested for deaf students. The ASL Services Request Form can be used for events, meetings or classes. Complete the form as soon as the event has been confirmed with the deaf student, preferably two weeks prior to the event, in order to secure interpreters. For the purposes of requesting interpreters for classes, please make requests at least 4 weeks before the semester begins. You will receive an email confirmation once an interpreter has been secured.

Handbook for Deaf Students & Students with Hearing Impairments

ASL Services Request

Peer Tutoring, Time Management, and Other Services

The DSS staff can provide one-to-one instruction in time management, organizational skills, prioritizing, or other reading, learning and study strategies. Peer tutoring is free to all undergraduate students enrolled at the university. Advanced peer tutors and graduate assistants are available to work with students who have specialized needs. Students with disabilities may discuss their need for these services with our staff.

Other campus resources include: