Disability Support Services Resources for COVID-19 Online Learning

Students with Disabilities

With the transition to online classes, We know many of you may need the same or different accommodations. There is great variability in how courses will be continued, some being synchronous (meaning class will be held at it's normal time via Zoom) while others will be held asynchronously. Asynchronous classes will require much more self direction and discipline.

If you have concerns about your courses or need to request additional accommodations, DSS will be operating remotely. Student meetings will be held via Zoom. If you have questions about using zoom please visit the Helpful Guide to using Zoom. 

Exams: If exams or quizzes are being conducted via Canvas, faculty were informed on how to provide extended time. You will also need to prepare for it differently. Check out our tips for taking online exams. 

Additional Resources:


In the wake of this pandemic, the move to online learning may result in removing barriers for some students and creating barriers for others. This is especially true for students with hearing impairments that may not have needed many accommodations for face to face interactions, but now will need them. 

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In the face of a sudden shift like this, many of us struggle to adjust. Students with disabilities related to executive functioning will be impacted even harder. Encourage students to seek even more academic support through campus resources. Please reach out to us directly via email with any questions or concerns.