Costs and Financing for Undergraduate Students

Costs and Financing

Here you will find an overview of the costs for attending Arcadia University as a full-time undergraduate student, as well as information on paying for your education. Our Financial Aid Office will work with you from the time you apply to Arcadia to the day you graduate to make sure you have all of the answers you need when making college-related financial decisions.

Bear in mind
  • 99% Full-time Undergraduates receive need- and/or merit-based aid from Arcadia
  • 80% Undergraduate Students receive academic and/or co-curricular merit scholarships
  • 8-12 Hours Worked by Students with government-funded on-campus jobs work each week

Official Tuition and Fees

These are Arcadia University’s official tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year. You may be eligible for financial aid that will reduce these costs. In fact, 99% of full-time undergraduates at Arcadia receive financial aid.

For a detailed look at costs, including study abroad fees, see Tuition and Fees.

What You Will Actually Pay: Net Price Calculator

Use our Net Price Calculator to get a quick idea of what you will pay out-of-pocket to attend Arcadia. The calculator estimates your financial aid eligibility and your federal expected family contribution.

Please note that the estimate you receive is only as reliable as the data you enter. Also, the calculator does not apply to international students who are typically not eligible for federal aid and whose base costs are different.

Paying for Your Education: Financial Aid

Financial aid is funding that helps to bridge the gap between the college costs a family or individual can afford and the total cost of a college education. The most common types of financial aid are scholarships, grants and loans. You will need to repay loans, likely with interest fees. You typically do not need to repay scholarships and grants.

The U.S. government created a formula that Arcadia University and most other colleges and universities use to decide what the gap—or “need”—is for each family. Organizations like universities and governments use that information to determine the amount of possible financial aid to give or lend.

There are four primary sources of financial aid for Arcadia University students:

  • Arcadia University merit- and need-based scholarships and grants
  • The federal government
  • The state where a student lives
  • Outside organizations and foundations

Learn more about Arcadia scholarships and other financial aid.​

Applying for Financial Aid

Applying for financial aid is a simple three-step process.

Please note that once you’ve applied for aid, you do not need to fill out a separate application for Arcadia merit- and need-based scholarships. However, if you are applying for scholarships or grants with outside organizations and foundations, you will need to complete their applications.