Costs and Financing Graduate Students

Costs and Financing

Here you will find an overview of the costs for attending Arcadia University graduate programs, as well as information on paying for your education. If you have any questions about financial decisions and plans related to your education at Arcadia, please contact us at 1-877-ARCADIA or

Tuition, Fees, Living Expenses

Tuition and fees for Arcadia University’s graduate programs vary from program to program. Review your program’s pages to find out its tuition and associated fees.

In addition to program costs, you may be responsible for paying certain University fees.

We estimate master’s and doctorate students spend an average of $1,255 to $2,355 per month on living costs such as rent, food (not including optional campus meal plan) personal expenses and books.

Paying for Your Education: Financial Aid

You may be eligible for financial aid that will help you pay for your graduate degree or certificate. The most common types of financial aid are scholarships, grants and loans.

The types of financial aid that you may be eligible for will depend greatly on your program. For example, certain Arcadia programs offer merit-based scholarships. Another factor that will determine your eligibility is whether you are attending full-time or part-time.

There are three primary sources of financial aid for Arcadia University students:

  • Arcadia University merit-based scholarships
  • The federal government
  • Outside organizations and foundations

Learn more about financial aid options and applying for financial aid.